Marie Bradley

Head of Business Analysis and Quality Assurance
Tribal Worldwide London

Marie Bradley is Head of Business Analysis and Quality Assurance at leading Digital Agency, Tribal Worldwide London. With over 20 years’ software development and business analysis experience, focused on capturing and translating business requirements that will provide robust marketing solutions from both a consumer and a business perspective, Marie has delivered digital and data solutions with intrinsic data protection compliance for data-led and CRM projects for Nissan Europe, British Airways, Best Buy/Carphone Warehouse, Nokia and Jaguar Landrover.

With the advent of GDPR, Marie is currently leading the initiative to assess and review client’s customer data lifecycles, with a view to recommending best practice in preparation for May 2018. One of the areas that Marie is keen to explore further is the commercial implications of GDPR and the assertion that the legislation will reduce datasets by 50%, making it harder to persuade consumers to provide their data without a visible, mutually beneficial value exchange.

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