Adam Graham

Chief Executive Officer

Adam is the CEO of TMG Plc, a global marketing network with an agile approach.

Adam has over 15 years’ experience leading and growing innovative marketing agencies.  Adam served as CEO of Weapon7, a digital communications agency within Omnicom’s BBDO.  Prior to that he co-founded and served as Managing Director of Saint, the digital arm of WPP’s Rainey Kelly Campbell Roalfe/Y&R, which won Revolution’s and NMA’s creative agency of the year Awards in 2011.  Earlier in his career Adam founded the e-marketing agency 3w Media and was among the pioneers of internet radio, with the founding of iChoose Radio in 1998.

He was formerly Chair of the British Interactive Media Association (BIMA) and has previously been a Council member of the Advertising Association and the Institute for Practitioners of Advertising, as well as being a member of the Digital Advisory Board for No 10 Downing Street.

Adam believes that GDPR offers an opportunity for brands to re-engage with consumers and detox database that may have been left outdated without the legislation.

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