Integrated Live Marketing Summit will cover the most-pressing topics in the future of marketing; educating attendees on the latest strategies and technologies. 

Registration, Networking & Breakfast
08:00  to  08:50
Welcoming Remarks
08:50  to  09:00 v Digital Marketing Theatre

Event moderator and facilitator, Michael Baxter presents an introduction and welcome to the Integrated Live Marketing Summit. 

Michael Baxter. Fresh Business Thinking. Editor.
The Perfect Integrated Marketing Plan
09:00  to  09:30 v Digital Marketing Theatre

Paul's session about writing the perfect integrated plan might just change your business life! In this opening keynote presentation, Paul will discuss how to write the perfect plan – for a business, for your marketing, for a campaign or even for your own personal plan. Paul will also address how easy (and necessary) it is to​ be integrated in everything you do in marketing.

P. R. Smith. International Speaker, Advisor and Author.
How To Get Email Right In 2018
09:30  to  10:00 v Digital Marketing Theatre

In this session, Josie will focus on: 

  • Consumer research findings on the transactional email experience
  • The missed opportunity with transactional email
  • What GDPR means for email contact lists and marketing automation
  • The future innovations in email marketing
Josie Scotchmer. Marketing Manager. Mailjet.
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, the fourth wave of technology
10:00  to  10:30 v Digital Marketing Theatre

Jeremy Dalton, VR and AR lead at PwC believes that virtual reality and augmented reality will play a significant role in how we live and work in the future. Jeremy’s session will focus on:

  • How virtual reality is our most immersive form of storytelling
  • How augmented reality will become a primary means of connecting reality and the digital world
  • And finally, how both technologies are here to stay
Jeremy Dalton. VR/AR Lead. PwC.
How to Win a Gold Medal in International Content Marketing
10:30  to  11:00 v Knowledge Hub

Jitka is the team leader of Content Marketing Solutions at Webcertain and has more than 5 years of experience in international digital marketing. Jitka’s presentation will delve further into the world of international content marketing and offers 5 invaluable strategic tips on how to effectively maximise your content marketing worldwide.

Jitka Jizerova. Content Marketing Team Leader. Webcertain.
Coffee Break & Networking
10:30  to  11:00
Harnessing Digital Trends for 2018
11:00  to  11:30 v Digital Marketing Theatre

Coming from a performance agency perspective, we will be reviewing what we see as the largest trends for the coming year. As ever, there is a huge amount of change in the digital landscape, and this session will review the major aspects that brands and advertisers need to be aware of and plan for. This includes the changing role of mobile, the rise of voice search and potential shifts in the way media is bought.

John Barham. Head of Paid Media. ROAST.
Digital Budget: Great Expectations
11:30  to  12:00 v Digital Marketing Theatre

Time, resources and money; shedding light on the forgotten elements of digital projects. Kyle will be going over the basics of what marketers need to consider when embarking on digital ventures.

Kyle Lynch. Account Manager. Green River Media.
Marketing Automation: Streamlining Your Business Through Automation
12:00  to  12:15 v Digital Marketing Theatre

In this session, Andrew will cover:

  1. What is marketing automation?
  2. Why should I care?
  3. What can it do for me?
Andrew Wise. Head of Customer Success EMEA. Act-On .
Case Study: Smarter Campaign Tracking using Social Data – Monitoring the Sentiment of a Sensitive Campaign
12:15  to  12:30 v Digital Marketing Theatre
Arnaud Steinkuhler. Head of Solutions Europe. Talkwalker.
Abs Owdud. Head of Analytics. AMV BBDO.
Email Marketing for the Data Age
12:30  to  13:00 v Digital Marketing Theatre

Many organisations have a wealth of information about their customers but few use it in their email marketing to enhance their customer experience. Common objections are it’s too complicated, too expensive, too resource intensive. This presentation shows how using 3 relatively simple, readily available technologies one company created a highly effective data driven email marketing environment.  

Dr. Tony Kent. Marketing Manager.
Ready for the Festive Season? Your Last-Minute Checklist for Online Trading
13:00  to  13:30 v Knowledge Hub

Steve Allen, head of enterprise accounts at Intelligent Reach, will be sharing some of his marketing magic during this session. His last minute checklist for online trading will help your business run smoothly over the holidays. 

Steve Allen. Head of Enterprise Accounts. Intelligent Reach.
Lunch & Networking
13:00  to  14:00
The Future of Sales and Marketing is "Account Based Everything"
13:30  to  14:00 v Knowledge Hub

Lessons from Account Based Everything - how to reach and compel your prospects, without having your world revolve around each one

Jen Cousins. CANDDi.
The Revolution of Technology and the New Era of Performance Marketing
14:00  to  14:30 v Digital Marketing Theatre

Aaron McGrath, Head of Strategic Sales at Bing Ads, Microsoft, UK will discuss how technology is changing the face of performance marketing for the better.

Aaron McGrath. Head of Strategic Sales. Bing Ads, Microsoft, UK.
4 Steps Towards Staying Ahead of Competition
14:30  to  15:00 v Digital Marketing Theatre

Marion Wallace, Managing Director of Executive Alerts at Meltwater will be sharing her secrets to success and how to stay ahead of the competition.

Marion Wallace. Managing Director of Executive Alerts. Meltwater.
Panel: Automation and Data Driving Success
15:00  to  15:30 v Digital Marketing Theatre

Hear from the experts in automation about how new technologies can help marketers to more effectively market on multiple channels online and automate repetitive tasks.

Andrew Wise. Head of Customer Success EMEA. Act-On .
Arnaud Steinkuhler. Head of Solutions Europe. Talkwalker.
Vaijayanthi Narasimhan. Product Marketer. Zoho Corp.
Thom Arkestaal. Head of STR Insights, EMEA, Microsoft Search Advertising. Bing.
General Data Protection Regulation: Human Factors
15:30  to  16:00 v Knowledge Hub

The General Data Protection Regulation is coming and will affect all businesses which process the data of EU citizens. Join leading data protection practitioner, Ardi Kolah, for a look into how the GDPR will affect marketing in 2018.

Ardi Kolah LL.M. Editor-in-Chief. Journal of Data Protection & Privacy.
Coffee Break & Networking
15:30  to  16:00
Design Sprints and How Businesses Can Implement Them to Get Tangible Results
16:00  to  16:30 v Digital Marketing Theatre

"Marketing and design never really get in bed with each other, but they should. Not just to create content, but to create wider strategic campaigns. Using Design methodologies and best practices, I will show you how you can create a cost effective, tested and user-centric campaign." - Luke Medlock

Luke Medlock. Lead Designer. hedgehog lab.
The Science of Reading in the Digital Age
16:30  to  17:00 v Digital Marketing Theatre

Reading is not a natural process but an art we have taught ourselves. It has become a social tool to deliver learning and thought from person to person, culture to culture.

As the digital age surges forward how we read and absorb information is further evolving. So what can modern marketers do to ensure their content is visual, interactive and drives reader engagement and results

Nick Mason. Director and Founder. Turtl.
Voice enabled technology, the next big platform
17:00  to  17:30 v Digital Marketing Theatre

Jess is co-founder and CEO of Opearlo, the Voice Design Agency that helps brands and organisations make their products, content and services accessible via voice-enabled platforms such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. 

Jessica Williams. Co-Founder and CEO. Opearlo.


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